The Origin

Coffee, the sacred nectar that accompanies us into a new day, Our high-quality, hand-selected green coffee beans are directly imported from Colombia. We ensure that our products are 100% Artisan, Origin Certified, and farmed and harvested ethically.

The Bean

Unroasted and Roasted South American Coffee Beans, packaged to ensure optimal freshness. Grown in rich soil at an altitude of 1700 ft, these premium beans are harvested by hand, dried in the sun, packaged, and shipped quickly. You can be sure that you are getting premium organic beans that are grown and harvested ethically. Our products are all locally roasted and packaged in Toronto. We work only in very small batches in order to maintain optimal quality and freshness.

The Experience

Our beans are the essential starting point to waking up your taste buds- a delicate, sun-drenched blend of cocoa and fruit. You will perceive an even taste, a delicate citrus fruitiness with chocolate undertones. The premium quality and rustic cultivation of these beans results in the perfect cup- a unique and inspiring blend of art and nature.

Our Promise

We want to exceed your expectations, providing high-quality coffee beans. We are committed to education. We want you to know the product you consume everyday. We are committed to excellence from the bean to the cup. Our products are 100% artisan, ethical, and origin certified. Our products are processed locally in Toronto, in small batches, and with great care to ensure you the best possible coffee experience!

There’s nothing wrong with being picky,

have the freedom to choose the perfect roast for you

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