About Us

Get yourself some coffee, sit, and let's get to know each other!

What we do

At Evergreen Coffee, we love coffee, just like you. We are a company of friends who work closely together linked by our love of coffee and our passion to share the journey of our product, starting with the bean. We bring you the freshest beans directly from South America. Each bean has been carefully grown in the fertile mountain hillsides of the Colombian terrain, They are selected with care, washed, and dried in the sun.

Our green beans ship directly to you. If you prefer the work done for you, we attentively roast them at our home facility in Canada where we only work in small artisan batches to ensure the utmost care and freshness.

Our roasted beans have an exotic and unique taste. They are 100% organic, single origin and ethically grown and harvested, you can be sure that you are supporting a process that is fully sustainable and fair. At Evergreen Coffee, we care about you and we want you to know the full story of your coffee.

Know your coffee, start with Evergreen Coffee beans, a unique blend of art and nature.

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